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Centerless Grinding

centerless grinding

Ideal Machining & Supply

Our centerless grinding Department consists of a Cincinnati No. 2 Centerless Grinder set up for Thru-Feed Cylindrical Grinding. We can handle material from .250" up to 4" diameter up to 12 ft. long. Ideal Machining & Supply handles many different types on materials and is capable of holding very tight tolerances.

Thru-Feed Grinding

Thru-feed centerless grinding is a fast and effective form of grinding when only a single outside diameter needs to be ground on a straight and cylindrical part. The part rides along a work rest between a regulating and grinding wheel until it is carefully removed from the machine. This is one of the most cost effective forms of grinding. We have the ability to process anything from prototypes to large orders in very short lead times. Our thru-feed grinders are capable of holding some of the industries tightest tolerances.

Keyed Shafting Service

Shafting from Ideal Machining & Supply is designed to provide the straightest, most accurate pre-keyed shafting in the industry. We key shafts in the most common diameters, including metrics, with standard keyways. We can provide pre keyed shafts cut to any length up to 12'. All keyed shafting is guaranteed to fit on a bearing, and the ends can be chamfered for easy installation.

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