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Machinining Services

Machinining Services

  • Rollers, Shafts, and Specialty Parts
  • Shaft and Bearing Journal Repair
  • Specializing in short runs and breakdown repair
  • Conventional /CNC Lathe & Mill
  • OD and ID Threading
  • Laser and waterjet cutting

Our General Machine Service Shop

We have the capability of manufacturing items from your prints, part samples, or our engineers can create custom designs and prints to your specifications.

Our certified technicians and machinists use state of the art equipment to manufacture quality parts and components that meet and exceed industry standards. We also have assembled a team of reliable suppliers and subcontractors with whom we maintain close and long-standing working relationships.

We are committed to serving our customers in a professional and courteous manner to facilitate long-term working relationships

Our machinists utilize a variety of Bridgeports featuring computerized digital readouts. Using this state-of-the-art technology and general machining processes, we can machine parts to your unique specifications.

Ideal Machining & Supply has many precision metalworking lathes, including Hardinge precision machines. This equipment allows us to produce innovative prototypes and quality machined parts.

Ideal Machining & Supply offers custom machining services to a wide range of industries and a variety of applications. Whether new and high-tech, obsolete and hard-to-find, productivity upgrades, or custom applications, we can manufacture the parts to keep your equipment operating. We can work from drawing, sketches, CAD models, or sample parts

general machining
general machining
general machining
general machining