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Conventional Machining

Conventional Machining

We have machines for conventional machining which are indispensable for our production. They are used for the production of spare parts and smaller series of products (even just 1 piece) which are just as necessary in different productions.

Although some series are small, they demand many very different machining processes and accuracy which we can guarantee with the following machines:


We have many different conventinal turning lathes. The biggest one allows turning of workpieces up to Ø400 mm and 2000 mm turning length and/or up to Ø800 mm and 350 mm turning length. This machine is a 2013 model and it incorporates a 4-clamping jaw, different steady rests and digital measuring sticks.


The universal milling machine from the producer INAS has a 1100x300 mm table and also a manifold.


Different drilling machines allow us make boreholes and thread cutting in any sort of workpiece.


We offer the service of external and internal slotting for nuts up to 30 mm width and 250 mm length.


With our gearing machine MAAG, we can produce straight or helical teeth up to Ø300 mm and module 5.

Products made on these machines are used mostly as spare parts for machines and devices, but also for the first incorporation into machines for a special purpose in various industrial branches, e.g. medicine, industry, agriculture, construction, ...

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